What would happen if you hired a life coach for a year?

Built on Beth’s trademark entertaining and witty storytelling and unique and straightforward approach to helping us see things in a new way, The Wake Up Call takes us through an entire calendar year of teachings on how we can confidently step forward in every aspect of our lives.

The Wake Up Call Book Club because 2022 is YOUR year!

Enroll in: The Wake Up Call Book Club

What do you want for 2022? Who do you want to be? Who were you meant to be? How are you going to get there? What will keep you on track for a FULL year?

The Wake Up Call Book Club is the like-minded community that you’ve been looking for. We are going to support each other through 2022! Each month we will connect on the 2nd Monday of the month, via Zoom, to discuss our goals and any struggles that have gotten in the way of our ultimate success! We will use the daily motivation within The Wake Up Call as our anchor to keep us focused on remaining motivated and producing results. Nothing is stopping us this year! Nothing!

Sign up today! I have decided that the best gift I can give you for joining this journey, outside of the journey itself, is to make it exceptionally affordable! So I have chosen $98 as the TOTAL cost for all 12 months! Now, what’s stopping you?

Cost: $98 as TOTAL cost for all 12 months!

Two weeks into the new year – how are your goals looking?

Enroll in: Virtual Goal Setting Workshop

Like it or not, the clock keeps on ticking. As we make our way through the year, think about the goals you have set for yourself. What kind of progress have you made? What kind of progress would you like to make?

In this online class, we will start by writing out the ideas that excite you most. We will think beyond the surface level to consider the bolder and more thrilling possibilities for your future. And you will leave this class with at least one goal completely written out for you to go slay!

Start date: January 25th, 2022 from 6-8 p.m.
Cost: $99 as TOTAL cost for all. Sign up now and let’s get to work! 12 months!

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