My nephew’s son just started to take his first steps. As my nephew’s wife pointed out, so foresightedly on Facebook, “Our lives are over!” Yes they are! Once a baby starts walking, there is no turning back. They will walk anywhere, regardless of whether or not it is safe for them. They put one foot in front of the other and they keep going—fearlessly moving toward what they want.

Babies can’t take long strides yet because walking is still very new to them. That’s why we start calling them toddlers! They don’t know what they are doing, but they can take baby steps. And if you’ve ever had a baby underfoot, you know how much ground they can quickly cover by simply taking baby steps.They aren’t taking a big risk, just little mini risks. The other option for the baby is to just sit there—no exploring, no adventure, no fun, no accomplishment, no progress, no success. No failure, either.

Baby steps are how babies progress to the next level. There is risk, but it’s minimal. Every baby step moves them closer to their goal of walking, which ultimately ends up happening, but only because they started with baby steps. What do you really want that you’ve been afraid to go for? How long have you wanted it? What if you had started taking baby steps when you first felt that longing in your heart? Where would you be now? I know where you (and I) would be, and it’s a lot further along then we are now. We have waited too long to take our first baby step, but today is the day! It’s time!


Beth Fitzgerald

P.S. Speaking of baby steps, this Friday I will update you on my daily plank. I hope you are still doing your daily plank as well.

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