I was driving around this weekend and I marveled at the art of driving. Have you ever thought about it? It’s kind of crazy. We know the rules and there are things like stop lights and stop signs that try to eliminate the ensuance of complete and utter chaos. Can you imagine driving without all of these safeguards, directions, and imperatives? No, me either.

But if this was my only option, driving without the help of stop lights, signs, and directives, then I’d drive. I’d have to be extra careful and I’d have to make educated decisions, but I wouldn’t sit at home and never go anywhere. I learned how awful that can be during the pandemic. I would have the faith in myself to go slowly and to navigate all the challenges with care and concern.

That’s what life is. We are used to the familiar and safe route with all the safeguards in place—but that’s not where and how we grow. We fear the unknown route in life, the one without stop lights, signs, and directives, so we often “stay home.” And when we choose to “stay home,” we are not growing or expanding, and we certainly aren’t living. So today, think about a route that you need to take in your life that has none of the helpful tools we have grown so accustomed to and ask yourself, “Could I still make the journey if they were all gone?” I belive the answer is, “Heck, yeah!”



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