On Sunday, we were watching the Dallas Cowboys play the San Francisco 49ers. At one point in the game, the Cowboy’s, Bryan Anger, punted, but the ball actually hit the gigantic jumbotron that is suspended in the middle of their state-of-the-art AT&T Stadium. The official came to the camera, confirmed the ball hit the jumbotron, and announced, “Do-over.” Wow, rarely in sports is there ever a do-over—although I am sure a lot of athletes wish there were.

What if I could grant you and I a do-over? What would you do over, but differently this time? We can definitely think about the big things, but that may not be the most productive use of our time. Think of something you can do over right now. Is it a New Year’s resolution that got challenging? Is it a career goal that lost steam? Is it a relationship that fell out of favor? What would you like to do over?

Sometimes, just like Bryan Anger’s punt, a do-over is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, there is no “official” in our life to grant us the do-over. There’s just us, and we are more likely to wallow in regret than to suggest a do-over. But that’s a HUGE waste of time. Today is DO-OVER Day!! Pick at least one thing you will do over, start again, and give it another try! Come on!



P.S. Goal Setting is still happening on 1/25 from 6-8. Save the date! The link isn’t up yet, but I will keep you posted. This will be the best 2 hours of your time if you want to set great goals for 2022!

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