Have you ever thought about retiring? We all have, to some extent. Maybe your thoughts go to where you will live or what you will do with all your free time. They are both very good thoughts to ponder, but today I want you to think about your retirement party. Visualize the venue. Who will be there, and who will give your retirement speech, sharing all that you have accomplished over your storied career? What will he or she say?

We all know what we have accomplished up until now, but what remains is what we get to design! And accomplishments are one thing, but how we treated people along our journey is something entirely different. What if the retirement speech isn’t just one person—anyone can come up and tell a story about how you affected their career or their life? Will there be a long line of people waiting to have their moment at the podium to extol your virtues?

Companies (and life) are made up of humans. Every human has his or her own dreams and goals. You’re presumably not retiring today, so how do you want the rest of your career to look, so that it falls into alignment with the retirement speech given about you? What needs to change? How does this story play out? How does it end? You and I are in complete control—don’t believe anything less. Come on, let’s make some changes!!


Beth Fitzgerald

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